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This A to Z guide is the best way to help your customers use their oils safely and easily. 

When you sample, offer this mini guide and show your customer what ailment you are targeting, then, explain all the others pages - ailments possible for them! They will love it!


Guides come in packages of 25  and you can also buy in bulk of 200. 


**Please note that all the blends names have been removed from this guide to respect the copyrights of the company**  We create a conversion guide you can print or save and send to your customers. 

CLICK HERE for the conversion sheet.


The guide contains:

- What is an essential oil?

- How to use it?

- Ailment and how to use

- Description of the essential oils and blends

- Description of the supplements

- Indications of use

- Dilution chart

- Loyalty Program

A to Z Essential oils Guide

  • Bulk pricing

    25-50-75 guides : $1,50 each

    100-150 guides : $1,25 each 

    200-250-300 guides : $1,15 each

    400-500-600-800 guides : $1,00 each

    1000 guides : $0,90 each

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